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Simon Holliday Is Making A Splash In Hong Kong

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Simon Holliday has a deep and profound interest in human motivation and resilience.

His drive is both for himself and for others.

He has completed a 15 hour 2 minute crossing of the English Channel in 2011 as well as a 35 km, 10 hour 20 minute swim across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong to Macau in 2014 [see video above] and numerous other open water swim throughout Ireland, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Holliday was the protagonist of the 19-minute documentary film called The Clean Cross.

He founded the Splash Foundation, an organization in Hong Kong that conducts swim and water safety courses for under-served communities who may not have the access or means for swim lessons. “The Foundation provides an opportunity to learn an important life skill which develops confidence, improves wellbeing and allows people to flourish both in and out of the water by bringing together experienced coaches in a supportive group setting.

By 2020, the Foundation aims to provide 5,000 people with the opportunity to learn how to swim and be water safe.”

He explains the core values of the Splash Foundation through OASIS:

Optimistic: We believe attitude is more important than ability. Positive mindsets find ways to succeed and flourish.
Active: We think an active lifestyle and healthy bodies lead to healthy thought patterns and constructive goals.
Safe: We create an environment where everyone feels safe, always.
Inclusive: We welcome everyone into the Splash community with kindness and respect.
Simple: We ensure everything we do is transparent and easy to understand.

For more information, visit the Splash Foundation here.

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