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Random News

Is Tipping Common Among Marathon and Channel Swimmers?

Tipping is a custom often used on dryland. How often and how much is tipping offered for marathon swims?

Kate Steels Pioneers Her Second Circumnavigation Swim in Mexico

Kate Steels complete her second pioneering swim in Mexico with a 4 hour 42 minute circumnavigation swim around Isla Danzante.

Tina Deeken Honored as 2023 Disabled Athlete of the Year (Behindertensportlerin des Jahres)

Tina Deeken won the 2023 BSN Disabled Athlete of the Year for her outstanding achievements open water swimming, ice swimming, triathlon, and other extreme endeavors.

Mayra Santos Set to Pioneer a Swim around Porto Santo

Mayra Santos will attempt to pioneer a 32 km circumnavigation swim around Port Santo in the Madeira Islands of Portugal

Change Is Constant – Will It Come In San Francisco Bay?

George Carvalho created a petition to request a policy change that would allow disabled swimmers to wear swim aids in San Francisco Bay swims.

KAATSU Aqua is a specialized form of KAATSU used in the water to enhance:

  • performance of speed, strength, stamina, balance, agility, technique, tactile feel
  • recovery from vigorous workouts, intense competition, travel fatigue
  • rehabilitation from muscle, bone, ligament, tendon injuries
  • longevity and wellness
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