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Speed and Strategy on the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim Course in the Fast-flowing Seine

The speed of the Seine could be so potentially fast that the strategy and tactics taken by the marathon swimmers in the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim will be dramatically changed

John Curley Challenges Himself Off The Beaten Path

John Curley became the second person in history - after Sabrina Wiedmer - to complete both the 35 km North Channel and the 20.2 km Dál Riata Channel between Northern Ireland and Scotland

Petar Stoychev – 6 Down, 1 To Go for the Oceans Seven

Petar Stoychev is now one last channel from achieving the Oceans Seven after a 9 hour 56 minute crossing of the North Channel between Northern Ireland and Scotland

Amber Keegan Crushes an 8 Hour 46 Minute English Channel Crossing

Amber Keegan successfully crossed the English Channel in 8 hours 46 minutes, relying on her years of dedication and training as a world-class pool and World Cup marathon swimmer.

Epic Swim Maui Heads Through The Roughwater Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary

Day 5 and Day 6 of Epic Swim Maui experienced another expectedly tough ocean swim legs of the planned 20-day 260 km circumnavigation stage swim around the island of Maui.

KAATSU Aqua is a specialized form of KAATSU used in the water to enhance:

  • performance of speed, strength, stamina, balance, agility, technique, tactile feel
  • recovery from vigorous workouts, intense competition, travel fatigue
  • rehabilitation from muscle, bone, ligament, tendon injuries
  • longevity and wellness

Steven Muñatones


Steven Muñatones was an American water polo player, a collegiate swimmer, and an open water swimmer from Huntington Beach, California. He has been a coach, administrator, writer, race director, kayaker, paddler, official, observer, author, lifeguard, reporter, Olympic commentator, aquapreneur, and adviser in the the sport of open water swimming.

He founded the World Open Water Swimming Association, Daily News of Open Water Swimming, Oceans Seven, WOWSA Awards, Openwaterpedia, KAATSU Global, and KAATSU Research Foundation and served as an ambassador for the American Heart Association. He has written over 21,344 articles on open water swimming, water polo, and KAATSU to date. He created the,,, and websites among many others.

He received the 1984 Harvard University John B. Imrie Award, 1990 Guinness World Record, 2001, 2005, 2007 USA Swimming Open Water Swimming Committee Award, 2002 Honor Swimmer, International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, 2007 & 2010 USA Swimming Glen S. Hummer Award, 2010 Irving Davids-Captain Roger Wheeler Memorial Award from the International Swimming Hall of Fame, 2016 Poseidon Award from the International Swimming Hall of Fame, 2018 Vermont Open Water Swimming Hall of Fame, 2019 Honor Contributor – Media of the International Ice Swimming Hall of Fame, and 2022 Dale Petranech Award for Services to the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

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