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Pat Gallant-Charette Set 2 Guinness World Records

Courtesy of April Wong, Olympic Club, San Francisco, California.

Along with Antonio Argüelles, Jaimie Monahan, Lewis Pugh, Sally Minty-Gravett MBE, and Ram Barkai, retired nurse Pat Gallant-Charette officially received a Guinness World Record certificate from adjudicator Kim Partrick at the 2018 Open Water Summit and WOWSA Awards at the Olympic Club in San Francisco, California.

Gallant-Charette from Maine became the Oldest Person to Complete the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming at the age of 67 and the Oldest Woman to Swim the English Channel at the age of 66.

* In October 2011, she crossed the Catalina Channel from Santa Catalina Island to the Southern California mainland in 14 hours 11 minutes at the age of 60
* In June 2017, she crossed the English Channel in 17 hours 55 minutes at the age of 66
* In June 2018, she completed the 20 Bridges swim around Manhattan Island in 10 hours 53 minutes at the age of 67

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