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Who Is Going To Catch Jordan & Ana Marcela?

Courtesy of FINA, Hojo Coast, Tateyama, Japan.

It looks like it is going to be very difficult to beat Jordan Wilimovsky in next Tuesday’s 10 km marathon swim at the 2018 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships in Japan.

Wilimovsky won the 1500m freestyle in the pool in 14:46.93 on the opening day of the Championships with his American teammates Zane Grothe (silver in 14:48.40) and Robert Finke (14:48.70) also putting in some good times.

Expected Men’s 10 km Starters
* Nicholas Sloman (Australia)
* Victor Hugo Colonese (Brazil)
* Allan do Carmo (Brazil)
* Hau-li Fan (Canada)
* Eric Hedlin (Canada)
* Esteban Jose Enderica Salgado (Ecuador)
* Taiki Nonaka (Japan)
* Takeshi Toyoda (Japan)
* Scott Matthew (New Zealand)
* Taylor Abbott (USA)
* James Brinegar (USA)
* David Heron (USA)
* Mark Imazu (Guam, USA)
* Jordan Wilimovsky (USA)

On the other hand, the women’s 1500m may turn out to be a real battle with a pack of Americans, Australians, Japanese and Canadian swimmers in the mix gunning after the lone Brazilian.

In the women’s 800m race on the first day at the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships, the open water swimmers fared well for themselves with Erica Sullivan 5th in 8:26.27, Haley Anderson 6th in 8:27.13, Ashley Wall 8th in 8:29.36, Mackenzie Padington 10th in 8:34.49, Chase Travis 11th in 8:37.86, Yukimi Moriya 12th in 8:41.44, Kate Sanderson 13th in 8:43.99, Justin Oliva Nicole 15th in 8:53.21, and Kurotori Gomez Mineri in 18th in 10:58.33.

Expected Women’s 10 km Starters
* Chelsea Gubecka (Australia)
* Kareena Lee (Australia)
* Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil)
* Viviane Jungblut (Brazil)
* Stephanie Horner (Canada)
* Mackenzie Padington (Canada)
* Kate Sanderson (Canada)
* Yumi Kida (Japan)
* Yukimi Moriyama (Japan)
* Charlotte Webby (New Zealand)
* Justine Marie Oliva Nicole (Philippines)
* Haley Anderson (USA)
* Kurotori Gomez Mineri (Guam, USA)
* Hannah Moore (USA)
* Erica Sullivan (USA)
* Chase Travis (USA)
* Ashley Wall (USA)

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