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Traversing Tahoe, Preparations By Pacific

Courtesy of Pacific Open Water Swim Co., Lake Tahoe, California.

The Pacific Open Water Swim Co. organizes and escorts soloists and relays across Lake Tahoe during its swim season that stretches from July to September.

The group has two escort boats with experienced pilots and support crew to guide swimmers in the high-altitude waters (at 1,897 meters or 6,225 feet above sea level).

We bring the professional approach your swim deserves. Our business is for swimmers by swimmers. Our goal is for you to have nothing to think about but the swim.“

There are six different marathon swim courses for both solo and relay swimmers:

1. One-way 21.3-mile (34.27 km) lengthwise crossing of Lake Tahoe
2. Two-way 42.6-mile (68.54 km) lengthwise crossing of Lake Tahoe
3. One-way 12-mile (19.31 km) widthwise crossing of Lake Tahoe
4. Two-way 24-mile (38.62 km) widthwise crossing of Lake Tahoe
5. One-way 10.5-mile (16.89 km) Viking Swim
6. Two-way 21-mile (33.78 km) Viking Swim

Additionally, they offer three full-service boats available to escort relays on the Trans-Tahoe Relay organized by the Olympic Club on July 21st with the option to add a tour of the course and leisurely acclimation swim the day before the event.

Between June and September, they can also provide boats for solo and relay training and adventure swims.

We liken swimming in Lake Tahoe to swimming in the middle of a blue star sapphire as Tahoe’s water clarity is some of the best in the world with water temperatures between in the 53-72°C/12-22F°C during the swim season. In late August of 2017, we experienced length and width swims with temperatures starting at 68°F/20°C, dropping to 64°F/17.7°C in the middle of the night and back up to 68°F/20°C for the day.”

Full service by the Pacific Open Water Swim Co. means that a lone swimmer has the support of an escort boat, pilots, observer, and experienced crew to manage feeds. “As part of the service, we do provide the observer and complete the official logs. Photos, videos, and all observer logs, documentation and GPS tracks are digitally bundled and submitted for swim ratification. We have a solid process to handle feeds, observation, GPS logs, live tracking, etc. Swimmers are welcome to have another person on the boat if they like. Some solo swimmers prefer a kayaker in the water during swims. If you require one, an experienced kayaker and kayak can be provided for an additional fee.”

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