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Team France Wins Open Relay At World Juniors

Courtesy of Yaniv Cohen and FINA, Eilat, Red Sea, Israel.

There is a different kind of pressure when you swim in an individual race and when you swim as a representative of your country in a relay.

The athletes who raced in the team relays on the third and final day of the 2018 FINA Open Water World Junior Swimming Championships in the Red Sea faced the latter kind of pressure.

19 national teams raced in the Open Relay for 19-year-old and under athletes where each swimmer swam 1,250 meters.

Team Russia maintained the leading position until the third lap but ended being overtaken by France’s Enzo Roldan Munoz overcame Team Russia, to claim victory in 55:39.9. A day after he finished second in the 10 km, he won his second medal. USA’s anchor Michael Brinegar finished in 56:06.7, while Italy’s Nicola Roberto finished third in 56:11.3.

At different points in the race, Team Brazil and Team Russia led while France, USA and Spain were also in close contention for podium positions.

4 x 1250m 19U Division Open Relay Results
1. France 55:39.9 (Madelon Catteau, Jean-Baptiste Clusman, Lisa Pou, Enzo Roldan Munoz)
2. USA 56:06.7 (Erica Sullivan, Brennan Gravley, Kensey McMahon, Michael Brinegar)
3. Italy 56:11.3 (Silvia Ciccarella, Giulia Berton, Andrea Filadelli, Nicola Roberto)
4. Russia 56:21.1 (Anastasia Basalduk, Danil Nemolochnov, Ekaterina Sorokina, Kirill Dolgov)
5. Spain 56:33.4 (Paula Ruiz Bravo, Marcos Godoy Martinez, Ane de la Fuente, Roger Coma Planella)
6. Hungary 56:41.3 (Luca Vas, Milan Fabian, Peter Galicz, Reka Rohacs)
7. China 58:18.6 (Junbohang Zhao, Caiping Yang, Fuwei Dong, Yunze Wang)
8. Japan 58:20.2 (Kuu Motoyama, Runa Kasahara, Mia Yamamoto, Kiri Hongo)
9. Portugal 58:22.3 (Mafalda Rosa, Diogo Cardoso, Catia Agostinho, Diogo Jose)
10. Brazil 58:46.8 (Henrique Ferreira, Aricia Fatzaun Peree, Mariana Lippert Vignolik, Thiago Silva Cavalcante)
11. Peru 59:24.6 (Maria A. Bramont-Arias, Diego Serida, Fanny Ccollcca, Alonso Serida)
12. Israel 59:46.3 (Yonatan Sharon Rosin, Ido Gal, Eden Girloanta, Mor Jacob)
13. South Africa 1:00:44.7 (Eric Jak Le Roux, Robyn Claire Kinghorn, Abigail Elizabeth Meder, Refiloe Mataka Mashao)
14. Ecuador 1:00:56.6 (David Castro Prado, Patr Guerrero Collaguazo, David Farinango Berru, Andrea Pereira Cruz)
15. Kazakhstan 1:01:03.0 (Lev Cherpanov, Stanislav Redko, Mariya Fedotova, Diana Taurbayeva)
16. Canada 1:02:17.5 (Raben Dommann, Alexander Katelnikoff, Kate Sanderson, Octavia Lau)
17. Croatia 1:02:55.2 (Dino Spadina, Petra Mijic, Antonia Bulicic, Grgo Mujan)
18. India 1:06:56.6 (Gowda Vikram, Nikitha Setru Venugopal, Rutuja Talegaonkar, Kapse Sushrt Suryakant)
19. Bolivia 1:10:49.6 (Percy Escobar Coppa, Juan H. Bravo Vargas, Nayr Palaguerra Calizaya, Leyla Manjon Escobar)

Final Medal Count
1. USA 5 medals including 2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze
2. France 3 medals including 2 gold, 1 silver
3. Russia 4 medals including 1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze
4. Italy 5 medals including 1 gold 1 silver, 3 bronze
4. Hungary 5 medals including 1 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze
6. Spain 1 medal including 1 gold
7. Peru 1 medal including 1 silver

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