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Paula Ruiz Bravo Finishes In Tears

Courtesy of Yaniv Cohen and FINA, Eilat, Red Sea, Israel.

Paula Ruiz Bravo of Spain won the girls 10 km in 1 hour 57 minutes at the 2018 FINA Open Water World Junior Swimming Championships in the Red Sea that were held in 27.1°C water.

The 19-year-old emerged from the warm water with streams of tears running down on her cheeks, in complete joy.

Another Spanish speaker, 19-year-old Maria A. Bramont-Arias from Peru finished second less than 3 seconds later and then 18-year-old Hungary’s Reka Rohacs finished third 2 seconds later.

10 km Girls 18-19 Results:
1. Paula Ruiz Bravo (ESP) 1:57:21.9
2. Maria Alejandra Bramont-Ariss (PER) 1:57:24.2
3. Reka Rohacs (HUN) 1:57:26.3
4. Lisa Pou (FRA) 1:57:27.1
5. Erica Sullivan (USA) 1:57:44.6
6. Kensey McMahon (USA) 1:57:47.4
7. Carlotta de Mattia (ITA) 1:58:55.8
8. Kate Sanderson (CAN) 1:59:11.9
9. Polly Holden (GBR) 1:59:23.0
10. Silvia Ciccarella (ITA) 2:00:22.3
11. Runa Kasahara (JPN) 2:00:52.1
12. Marta Garzon Siles (ESP) 2:01:18.2
13. Daria Volobueva (RUS) 2:01:22.4
14. Anastasia Basalduk (RUS) 2:01:50.1
15. Eden Girloanta (ISR) 2:01:52.2
16. Abigail Elizabeth Meder (RSA) 2:01:55.1
17. Paulina Barbara Piechota (POL) 2:03:54.5
18. Mariana Lippert Vignoli (BRA) 2:03:58.7
19. Robyn Claire Kinghorn (RSA) 2:04:03.2
20. Julia Rodrigues (BRA) 2:04:03.3
21. Caiping Yang (CHN) 2:07:57.8
22. Mariya Fedotova (KAZ) 2:15:04.6
23. Rosalie Davidson (CAN) 2:17:11.0
24. Avital Flaishman (ISR) 2:17:11.2
25. Hannah Blackwood (NZL) 2:17:13.9
26. Diana Taurbayeva (KAZ) 2:19:03.1
27. Nicole Jimenez Tocto (ECU) 2:19:51.3
28. Rutuja Bhims Talegaonkar (IND) 2:25:33.4
29. Nikitha Setru Venugopal (IND) 2:29:29.4
DNF Fuwei Dong (CHN)
DNF MANJON ESCOBAR Leyla Sha Manjon Escobar (BOL)
DNF Luca Vas (HUN)

The Championships is live streamed in a test manner that will be broadcast at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

FINA will broadcast the 2018 FINA Open Water World Junior Swimming Championships that begins tomorrow in Eilat, Israel where over 200 athletes between 14 and 19 years old from 38 countries representing all five continents will race in the Red Sea beginning today.

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