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Studying Ben Lecomte From Head To Toe In The Pacific

Courtesy of Seeker, The Swim, Pacific Ocean.

Lynda Cole‘s ingenuity and inventiveness are helping Ben Lecomte on The Swim, a solo 5,419-mile (8,721 km) transoceanic stage swim between Japan and California.

Cole developed the myPatch®sl Holter recorder that is fit under Lecomte’s wetsuit while swimming.

myPatch®sl continuously records the electrical activity of Lecomte’s heart as he has been swimming up to 8 hours day by day across the Pacific Ocean since June. Cole and her team of esteemed cardiologists and other medical and research professionals around the world receive his ECG data throughout the swim in order to study the effects of such sustained physical activity on the heart. What they find may lead to unexpected discoveries and educational insights for extreme athletes both on dryland and in the water.

Similarly, Lecomte’s microbiome is being studied in the hopes that the research out in the Pacific Ocean will unlock secrets about the dynamic connection between our environments, activities, and everyday health.

And what he is doing in the ocean may also help astronauts dealing with zero-gravity conditions in space:

People can watch science publisher and its social channels to watch daily videos and live moments from Lecomte’s expedition with weekly updates also airing on Discovery. The Swim can be followed here.

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