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Starting END-WET In North Dakota

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Extreme North Dakota Watersports Endurance Test (END-WET) looks to be a highly competitive event with some of the fastest, most accomplished marathon swimmers taking part in this week’s 36-mile (57.9 km) marathon swim down the Red River between Grand Forks, North Dakota and Oslo, Minnesota in the United States.

With defending champion Sandra Frimerman-Bergquist coming back, the 34-year-old from Minnesota will face experienced marathon swimmers Cheryl Reinke, Diego López and Stephen Rouch.

END-WET Start List
* Cheryl Reinke (53) South Carolina
* Landon J Ascheman (37) Minnesota

* Marcus Berggren (43) Florida
* Rob Abcug (47) Florida
* Julie Sheldon (46) North Carolina

* John Copeland (36) Morton Grove, Illinois

* Tiffany “Swim Gypsy” McQueen (45) Texas
* Zachary W. Blount (24) Tennessee
* Hillary Valgardson (24) Nebraska
* Sandra Frimerman-Bergquist (34) Minnesota
* Diego López Dominguez (36) New York
* Stephen Rouch (37) Indiana
* Michael David Miller (52) Minnesota
* Jessica Kieras (38) Bend, Oregon
* Sam McNair (55) Tennessee
* Michael Guzek (42) North Carolina
* Jamie Tout (65) Texas
* Daniel O’Kane (37) Minnesota
* Steve Gruenwald (56) Minnesota
* Rachel Lefkakis (28) Indiana
* Mighty Mermaids (Christie Ciraulo, Nancy Steadman Martin, Karen Einsidler, Veronica Hibben, Tracy Grilli, Jenny Cook)

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