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She’s Back. Éva Risztov Returns To The Open Water

She’s Back. Éva Risztov Returns To The Open Water

She’s back.

But she has a big target on her back now – the mark of an Olympic champion.

After laying low throughout nearly the entire 2013 season, Olympic 10K Marathon Swim gold medalist Éva Risztov of Hungary is returning to high-level open water today.

Both Risztov and the top European contenders are at the LEN Cup 2013 at Bat Yam in Tel Aviv, Israel.

34 men and 24 women will race 5 loops of the 7.5 km rectangular course in the Mediterranean Sea, including Italian Olympian Valerio Cleri.

I am not nervous,” said Cleri with the confidence of a two-time Olympian.

I feel normal. It is an important race, but I want to do well in my race and see how my physical condition is. I will use this race as a workout, I just came from a week where I had little rest and did only 20 km from Monday to Wednesday.

This is my first race since the Olympics other than Rei Do Mar race in Copacabana Beach. It should be good.”

The 2013 European Open Water Swimming LEN Cup includes the following events:

1. Bat Yam, Israel on 24 May ​7.5 km in the Mediterranean Sea
2. Balatonfured, Hungary on 22 June 10 km​ in Lake Balaton
3. Kocaeli-Darica, Turkey on 27 July 5 km​ in the Sea of Marmara
5. Hoorn, the Netherlands on 3 August 10 km​ in Markermeer Lake
5. Navia, Spain on 10 August 10th​ 7.5 km​ in the Navia Estuary
6. Hamburg, Germany on 17-18 August 5 km (Dove Elbe) and 18th

This season starting today, the 16th European Open Water Swimming Cup will offer 21,000 euros (1st 3500€; 2nd 3000€; 3rd 2000€; 4th 1250€; 5th 750€) distributed among the top 5 swimmers for both men and women. The LEN Cup also include 5 races where swimmers will accumulate points (20, 17, 15, 14, etc.) and the final race where they can earn double points (40, 34, 30, 28, etc.).

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