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Rostislav Vitek, Pilar Geijo Beat World From Capri To Napoli

Rostislav Vitek and Pilar Geijo of Argentina won the prestigious 46th annual Maratona Del Golfo Capri-Napoli in Italy this weekend that was streamed live for global audiences.

In an understanding decision by 10-time FINA Grand Prix series champion Petar Stoychev, he choose to compete in the shorter FINA 10K Marathon Swimming World Cup in Portugal rather than in the longer FINA race. “I am focusing on the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim qualifier in Shanghai,” he explained.

The official men’s results:

1. Rotislav Vitek, Czech Republic, 7:05.49
2. Andrea Volpini, Italy, 7:06.00
3. Mohammad Saleh, Syria, 7:11.09
4. Evgenij Pop Acev, Macedonia, 7:21.27
5. Mattia Alberico, Italy, 7:22.59
6. Rodolfo Valenti, Italy, 7:27.52
7. Ian Van Der Hulst, Netherlands, 7:31.21
8. Matheus Evangelista, Brazil, 7:45.24
9. Tomi Stefanovski, Macedonia, 7:45.56
10. Giuseppe Russo, Italy, 7:51.02
11. Marco Buccioni, Italy, 8:00.29
12. Igor Dimovski, Macedonia, 9:04.36

The official women’s results:

1. Pilar Geijo, Argentina, 7:34.21
2. Esther Nunez, Spain, 8:11.35
3. Alessandra Romiti, Italy, 8:21.13
4. Ivana Sitic, Croatia, 8:57.38
5. Nicoletta Simonazzi, Italy, 9:06.12

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