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Ross Edges Closer And Closer To His Goal

Courtesy of Ross Edgley, Week 19 of the Great British Swim.

Week 18 of the Great British Swim.

Week 17 of the Great British Swim.

British GQ article described Ross Edgley as “a decorated expert in the fitness industry. For over 10 years he’s been involved in every area of sport, fitness, and nutrition imaginable. He started as an international athlete playing water polo for Great Britain but later moved into the academics of sport and graduated from the world renowned Loughborough University School of Sport and Exercise Science.”

That description is accurate, but Ross is clearly very entertaining and educational as he continues on his Great British Swim, an unprecedented 3,218 km circumnavigation stage swim around Great Britain. Edgley tells of his experiences, thoughts, challenges, nutrition and logistics in an enjoyable, enticing way while coming up with interesting words like broseidon and brocean.

Edgley coined the term broseidon as a reference to his male colleagues and friends in the open water swimming community. Broseidon is a portmanteau word that combines brother and Poseidon.

He also coined the term brocean as a reference to a profoundly deep friendship, connection and camaraderie between male ocean swimmers; another portmanteau word that combines brother and ocean.

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