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Prabhat Koli, History’s Youngest Oceans Seven Swimmer

Prabhat Koli from Mumbai, India has acccomplished many achievements in the open water swimming world during his young career. With his March 5th crossing of the Cook Strait, Koli became the 22nd person to complete the Oceans Seven.

Escorted by Donald Dring, observed by Brett Richardson, crewed by Chief Omar Vaquero, and navigated by Corey Fairbairn on March 1st 2023, Koli crossed the Cook Strait from the South Island to the North Island in 8 hours 41 minutes and 5 seconds.

Koli became the youngest person in history to complete the Oceans Seven at 23 years 7 months and 2 days. He talks below about his motivations:

Q1. Do you swim to inspire the youth of India?
A1. I have swam 18 open water swimming events that has varied from 10 km to 81 km in India, which includes pioneering 6 new courses. I am now exploring new swim routes in different states of India to inspire more swimmers to participate in open water swimming.

Over the last two years, I organized long distance swims and participated in swims to boost morale among upcoming swimmers.

I spend time every day on personal workouts, studying for a Masters Degree in Business Administration in sports, and assisting around 20 young swimmers with their swimming strokes.

Q2. Do you swim for the inherent challenge and enjoyment of marathon and channel swims?
A2. At the age of 11, during my first open water swimming event, my coach recognized my patience and endurance for long distance swimming. I successfully swam a staggering 14 km in a river, impressing both the coach and parents. Since then, my parents have continued to support my passion for open water swimming, enabling me to relish every stroke of swim in open water despite the challenges of open water swimming.

Q3. Do you swim to raise money and awareness for a certain cause?
A3. If given the opportunity in the future, I would love to swim for a cause that resonates with me. One issue that is close to my heart is cleaning up the beaches in Mumbai. I would be honored to raise funds to support this important cause.

Q4. Will you write a book or produce a movie (documentary film) about your swims?
A4. As a passionate open water swimmer, I am defying the odds by practicing in Mumbai’s scorching 30-degree water temperature. Despite the lack of popularity for open water swimming in India, my dedication to the sport has caught the attention of some of the co-artists in the country’s film industry. They are now producing a documentary showcasing my incredible journey of open water swimming, including my impressive performances in international cold water.

Q5. Do you have sponsors to help you cover the expenses of your swims?
A5. I have taken on the challenge of funding my own swim events with the help of my father as my main sponsor. He spent his savings, then sold our residential house for raising fund for my swimming events.

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