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Positive Impact Of Moorea Coral Gardeners

Courtesy of Moorea Coral Gardeners Association, Moorea, Tahiti.

The Tahiti Swimming Experience worked with the Moorea Coral Gardeners into its program. The association is led by 20-year-old Titouan Bernicot, 7 full-time employees, and a growing number of volunteers.

These are people passionately concerned about the well-being of the lagoons and reefs of Tahiti, Moorea and beyond.

Global warming and human activity has led to the whitening of the coral in Moorea so Titouan and friends launched a program of coral cutting. Open water swimmers of the Tahiti Swimming Experience and visitors to Tahiti take part in the replanting pieces of coral in order to help it recover.

The Moorea Coral Gardeners Association aims to preserve coral gardens in Polynesia. Its staff introduces coral cutting and replanting to tourists and other environmental groups.

For more information about the Tahiti Swimming Experience, visit here. For more information on the Coral Gardeners, visit here.

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