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Peter Attia Is Out To Change The World

Dr. Peter Attia, a Catalina Channel and Maui Channel swimmer, is out to change the world. And, potentially the most influential swimmer in America clearly has the relentless drive, a massively impressive intellect, and significant financial backing to achieve his goals.

The co-founder of the Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI) is supported to the tune of US$40 million by Laura and John Arnold Foundation to prove his case by improving the quality of science in nutrition and obesity research.

Dr. Attia and his partner Gary Taubes aim to seek the definitive truth about nutrition and shape public policy for the better. But they are not doing it alone. Dr. Attia has corralled 6 academic institutions to collaboratively conduct 3 large research projects on the relationship between nutrition, obesity and metabolic disease.

What we appreciate about Dr. Attia is that he experiments on himself, objectively analyzes the results, and thinks deeply about his statements, writings, and proposals. Furthermore, as a relentlessly hard-working athlete who understands the sport of open water swimming, his findings and research will directly help millions of swimmers more effectively achieve their goals through nutrition and thinking of their diet from completely different perspectives.

For more information, visit Dr Attia’s Nutrition Science Initiative here.

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