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Open Water Swimming In Turks & Caicos

Courtesy of Ben Stubenberg, Turks & Caicas.

s for asking, Steven. The Director of the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources (DECR) technically approved the zone per email two years ago and allowed us to place “Swim Zone” buoys to designate the area and keep out motorized boats. However, the zone was not actually put on maps to inform boat drivers and thus formalize the permission. I have been in close touch with the current Director of DECR who is supportive of the zone and formally designated it on maps.

But before I go “public” with it, we need to see that formal designation, not just an email permission. I hope I can get that done in the next couple of weeks and will let you know. We may have to compromise by allowing one Hobie Cat sail boat to sail through the zone, as it is part of a water sports business in front of one of the hotels along the zone.

In the meantime, our open water swim club uses this area for open water swims for training, as it is the calmest area of Grace Bay and out of the way of boat traffic. Access is also very easy.

The length of the swim zone would be 550 m, width 100 meters. There is a chance we could get this extended another 700 m.

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