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Münster Day & Night, Best Deal In The Open Water World

Courtesy of Sigrid Thomas, Münster, Germany.

Perhaps the most cost-effective swim in the world is the Münster Day & Night 24 Stunden – Schwimmen in Germany.

For €8 per entry, swimmers can participate in the Das 24-Stunden-Open-Air-Schwimmen Münster Day & Night, a 24-hour open water swimming competition for distance held in Münster, organized by Tauchsportclub Münster E.V.

The winners in each division (with or without a kickboard, with or without fins, with or without hand paddles, with or without a wetsuit) are the individuals who swim the greatest distance within 24 hours. Breaks in the onshore heat tent and rests can vary freely as the swimmers wish.

The course is a 1 km circuit course at the Altarm des Dortmund-Ems-Kanals (500m in one direction). The course is dramatically illuminated during the nighttime hours.

The competition begins at 2 pm, annually held in July with the expected water temperatures ranging between 18-24°C.

For more information in German about the Münster Day & Night, visit here.

Top 5 Women (Neoprene) Results, Ages 41-60:
1. Sigrid Thomas 57 km [shown on left]

2. Barbara Stahr 22 km

3. Eva-Maria Kroger 21 km

4. Brigitte Faak 4 km

4. Elke Schrauben 4 km

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