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Blue Journey Australia With The Unified Team

Blue Journey Australia – Unified Team Launch 2017 from Bruckner Chase.

In conjunction with the 2017 Australian & New Zealand Spinal Cord Society Conference, Bruckner Chase of Ocean Positive hosted and demonstrated a paddling session with those who are disabled on land at Currumbin Creek’s Windner Park in Currumbin, Queensland, Australia.

He worked with members of the Princess Alexandra Spinal Injury Unit. “We believe that the ocean connects and unifies us all – and that by helping every member of our community discover their own personal connection to our natural waters we can create a sustainable, positive shift in how our daily choices and actions enhance, preserve, protect and promote the health and well being of the marine environment, our communities and ourselves.”

Chase hosted demonstrations to physical therapists, occupational therapists and administrators that included pool time and open water paddling sessions. His next keynote address will be given at the International Spinal Cord Injury Conference in Sydney, Australia in September 2018.

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In addition with his thought-provoking, innovative work with those who cannot walk in the open water, Chase’s other educational program was nominated for the 2017 World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year.

His Blue Journey Dangerous Waves Project is an educational effort with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service and Ocean Today. The program produced and promotes an impactful, practical film series, coordinated with a public outreach via clinics and talks that are augmented by partnerships with like-minded corporate partners, community groups, villages, schools and environmental organizations.

Surf Zone Safe is the upcoming Ocean Today film series with location and community specific advice for American Samoa, the American East Coast, Pacific Northwest, Southern California and Hawaii,” Chase explains. “The series will be released as part of an Ocean Today’s Full Moon program available worldwide with a focus on beach and ocean safety, science and conservation. Our goal of the film series is to teach and advocate for Situational Awareness in the ocean for both swimmers and non-swimmers alike.”

The nominees for the World Open Water Swimming Offering of the Year are shown below:

1. 48 Braçades by Miquel Suñer (Spain)
2. Blue Journey Dangerous Waves Project with Bruckner Chase (USA)
3. Global Swim Series by Rob Kent & Dylan Kent (Canada)
4. LongSwimsDB by Evan Morrison (USA)
5. New York Open Water by David Barra, Rondi Davies & Alex Arévalo (USA)
6. Open Water Swim Academy by Dan Simonelli (USA)
7. Outdoor Swimmer by Simon Griffiths (Great Britain)
8. Sea Donkey with Adrian Sarchet (Guernsey)
9. Shark Bait by Dr. Seán O’Connell (Bermuda)
10. Swim Argentina by Matías Ola (Argentina)
11. The Channel of Bones with Toni Enderli (South Africa)
12. Travessia do Leme ao Pontal by Adherbal de Oliveira & Renato Ribeiro Barbosa (Brazil)

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