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More To Come: The Next Generation Across Channels

Courtesy of Catalina Channel Swimming Federation, Catalina Channel, California.

15-year-old Angel More of San Carlos, California swims and swims and swims, a skill that her father Hemant More never had the opportunity to develop.

But her father is fully supportive and proud of his precocious daughter. After starting a marathon swimming career at the age of 12 and training at Aquatic Park in San Francisco Bay, she has completed crossings of the Santa Barbara Channel from Anacapa Island in 2017 and the Catalina Channel this week from Doctor’s Cove on Santa Catalina Island to Terranea Beach on the California mainland in 14 hours 22 minutes.

With mother Archana and father waiting on the shore at the finish, she was escorted by pace swimmer Scott Tapley, kayaker Dawn Brooks, and a few dolphins with Nancy Greenblatt and Kelley Prebil as observers.

More wrote after her crossing, “First and foremost, I want to thank my parents, Archana and Hemant, for continually supporting me with all my goals and letting me do whatever I put my mind to. Also, I want to thank my sister Amber for inspiring me every day to push my limits and for swimming with me all the time. One of the biggest reason I finished was because of Evan Morrison. While I was training, Evan, my coach, and guide to marathon swimming woke up way too early to kayak as I swam in the San Francisco Bay.

My crew chief Lisa Amorao is the most prepared, thoughtful, supportive person. Lisa has been there since my first Alcatraz Island swim and has been the key opening the door of all open water swimming has to offer.
Gretchen Fermer, a hilarious, sweet person. Gretchen kayaked when the winds were at its peak and encouraged me throughout the swim.

I have known Scott Tapley for a few years now, and he has always been so helpful and supportive. He knows so much about the sport and is always happy to share the knowledge. Dawn Brooks has a contagious cheerful personality and is a skilled kayaker. I enjoyed swimming alongside her; it reminded me of when she piloted for my Anacapa Island swim. The Pacific Star Crew is a great boat with a great crew. Thank you to Captain Dave and Jake for guiding me from the Island to shore.”

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