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Michael Teys, Trevor Colman Achieve Their Triple Crowns

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Michael Teys of Australia and Trevor Colman of the UK both became the latest swimmers to achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

The 56-year-old Aussie finished third with his 7 hour 23 minute 59 second completion of the 20 Bridges Manhattan Swim.

The 64-year-old British swimmer finished third with his 8 hour 19 minute 34 second completion of the 20 Bridges Manhattan Swim.

But Qing Li, a much younger (29 years) swimmer from Massachusetts, took top honors in the 45.9 km race over Eyal Schachner of Israel.

20 Bridges Results:
1. Qing Li (USA) 7:17:45

2. Eyal Schachner (Israel) 7:20:23

3. Michael Teys (Australia) 7:23:59

4. Kate Steels-Fryatt (UK) 7:29:45

5. Lauren Byron (USA) 7:36:47

6. Gonzalo Nadal (Mexico) 7:44:16

7. Craig Dunbar (USA) 7:44:50

8. Matt Gurry (USA) 7:49:17

9. Matt Johansen (UK) 7:52:48)

10. Ken Mignosa (USA) 7:55:21

11. Erin O’Leary (USA) 8:03:01

12. Christopher Willis (UK) 8:09:33

13. Trevor Colman (UK) 8:19:31

14. Sabrina Peron (Italy) 8:19:34

15. Lynn Kubasek (USA) 8:22:04

16. Lyn Goldsmith (USA) 8:35:49

For the list of Triple Crown swimmers, visit here.

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