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Cameron Bellamy Will Be Back Around Barbados

Courtesy of Track RS and Kristina Evelyn, Barbados, Caribbean Sea.

After achieving the Oceans Seven in June 2018, Cameron Bellamy found himself in the midst of another challenge against Mother Nature: a Swim Around Barbados, a 96 km circumnavigation attempt that three people have attempted but none have finished.

Kristina Evelyn of the Barbados Open Water Festival says, “Cameron is generating huge interest among open water swimmers and the community in general here in Barbados. Three people – two were at same time – have attempted this over many years without success.”

Bellamy expected the swim to take him 36 hours or more. After over 27 hours and 66 km, he had covered the rougher east and north coasts that face the Atlantic Ocean where strong and unpredictable currents are well-known along that side of Barbados. The locals actually consider that area of the island unswimmable. But Bellamy got through the rough part.

His swim benefitted the Ubunye Challenge, a charity he founded in 2011, that makes contributions to early childhood education in poverty stricken regions of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The aquatic Renaissance Man said upon calling it a day and night, “After 27 hours and 66 km of swimming, I realized I didn’t have enough left in me for another 35 km, basically the English Channel length. What an amazing swim and adventure though.”

Kristina Evelyn said about Bellamy, “He knew it was a highly complex swim, but he wasn’t deterred. He put in the grueling training. His planning was meticulous. He inspired every member of his support team.

He swam for 27 hours. As he approached the north, increasing wind and adverse currents made for extremely difficult conditions off River Bay. He continued the fight for a few hours and made it to the Animal Flower Cave on the northern tip of the island. He gave it his all, but called it a day just about 10 pm on Saturday night. An incredible and outstanding effort.”

Despite his DNF this time, Bellamy vowed to return, “I will definitely be back to try again.”

For more information on Ubunye Challenge, visit here.

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