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Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival Starts Today

Courtesy of Phil White and Robbie Bailey, Lake Memphremagog, Newport, Vermont, U.S.A.

The 5th Annual Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival is being held today and tomorrow in a two-lane, 25-meter pool cut in the ice in Lake Memphremagog located near the EastSide Restaurant in Newport, Vermont.

87 winter swimmers supported by 35 volunteers, are competing in a two-lane, 25-meter pool cut in the ice near the EastSide Restaurant in Newport. The swimmers have traveled from the states of California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Vermont, and Wisconsin, and the countries of Colombia, Canada (Ontario and Quebec), South Africa (including Ram Barkai, chairman of the International Ice Swimming Association), Scotland, and Spain.

Ice cutters and pool contractors Michael Booth and Josh McCoy prepared the winter swimming venue to host 25m, 50m, 100m and 200m races that started today.

The competitors range from 11-year-old Margaret Rivard and 12-year-old Esme Kimber to 73-year-old Ginny Peck and 71-year-old Kathleen McDonnell.

Event director Phil White is very appreciated of the numerous volunteers who work diligently to host the Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival. They include:

Masters of Ceremonies Kristian Pearson
Flag Set Up Greg O’Connor and Rick Born
Registration Kristian Pearson, Lucy Teller, Kay Louise and Erica Flickenger
Releasers Kristian Pearson and Erica Flickenger
Warmers Rena Demeo, Dave Mitchel and Maggie Jeffrey
DJ and Hot Tub Watcher Rena Demeo
Timers Chuck Goulding, Pat Goulding, Teresa Gerade, Anita Gariepy and Caroline Boucher
Time Sheet Runner Teresa Gerade
Starters Phil White and Bill Shipp
Strippers – Basket Walkers James Burnham, Lucy Teller, Caroline Boucher, Bill Shipp, Sybille Anderson, Kay Louise, Ken Krause, Catherine Morris, Renée Morris and Joanne Colvin
Hookers and Holders Don Houghton, Rob Anderson, Denis Chenette, Gerry Fassett, Ken Krause, James Burnham and Liz Fry
Skimmers Denis Chenette, Mary Essex, Maura McEnaney, Liz Fry, Rob Anderson and Don Houghton
Escorts Jayne McKivergan, Jim McGivergan, David Abbott, Karen Abbott, Paul Etkind and Laura Black
Hat Competition Judges Bill Shipp, Caroline Boucher and Erica Flickenger
Time Entries Pam Ladds, Erica Flickenger and Dave Mitchell
Photographers Robbie Bailey, Robert Bailey and Mina Elnacash
Vodka Shooters and Barr Hill Display Sophia Light, Jaimie Monahan, Dena Gray and Rena Demeo
Pool Contractors Michael Booth and Josh McCoy
Master Hammer Rob Anderson

The pool records for the Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival include the following athletes:

Female 25m breaststroke: Jaimie Monahan, USA 20:40 in 2015
Male 25m breaststroke: Aleksandrs Jakovlevs, Latvia 18:03 in 2015
Female 25m freestyle: Daina Bouquin, USA 15:39 in 2015
Male 25m freestyle: Craig Ross, Canada 12.35 in 2018
Female 25m butterfly: Daina Bouquin, USA 16.21 in 2018
Male 25m butterfly: Craig Ross, Canada 13.71 in 2018
Female 50m freestyle: Daina Bouquin, USA 33.23 in 2015
Male 50m freestyle: Craig Ross, Canada 29.1 in 2018
Female 100m freestyle: Daina Bouquin, USA 1.18.46 in 2015
Male 100m freestyle: Conor Turner, Ireland 1.11.95 in 2018
Female 200m freestyle: Martha Wood, USA 2.51.64 in 2018
Male 200m freestyle: Conor Turner, Ireland 2.30.48 in 2018
200m relay: Ice Holes 2.24.25 in 2017

For more information, visit here.

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