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Madhu Nagaraja, Antonio Lennert In Lake Ontario

Courtesy of Ace Hill Beer, Swim Guide, and Studio Sophomore, Lake Ontario.

Ace Hill Beer, Swim Guide, and Studio Sophomore produced a video series about Lake Ontario to highlight stories about swimmable, fishable, drinkable water.

The first episode profiles two ambassadors of the Swim Drink Fish movement: renowned Indian swimmer Madhu Nagaraja and Brazilian surfer Antonio Lennert discuss the importance of Lake Ontario, their connection to it, and why they consider themselves lucky to call this place home.

Swim Drink Fish describes the purpose for this video series, “A swimmable, drinkable, fishable future is not possible without a lot people working together towards the same goal. If it takes a village to raise a child, collaboration between communities, business’, governments, and citizens is what is needed to restore and protect our water. These videos are part are an invitation to join swim, drink, fish movement.

In 2001, the Swim Drink Fish movement started in Toronto on the shores of Lake Ontario. The lake is an ecological wonder, but for more than a century, pollution, development, and overfishing have taken a major toll on the lake. 9 million people rely on her for their drinking water, and Lake Ontario has more beaches than Florida, California, and Hawaii.

Through advocacy, stewardship, culture, and science, Swim Drink Fish Canada works to connect people with water. In the case of Lake Ontario, this is more of a reconnection to a lake in recovery.

For more information, visit Swim Drink Fish here.

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