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Luis Saulny, Tim Marr Go Stroke-for-Stroke In Waimea Bay

Courtesy of Bill Goding, Waimea Bay, Oahu.

The fifth and final race on the of the Surf n Sea North Shore Swim Series was yesterday’s Keawe Adventures North Shore Challenge.

The 2.3-mile race started at Ehukai Beach Park, followed the North Shore, and finished high upon the sand at Waimea Bay where Luis Saulny and Timothy Marr simultaneously dove across the finish line.

Bill Goding caught the close onshore finish here on video.

Top 10 Results:
1 Luis Saulny (38) 42:32.0
2 Timothy Marr (39) 42:32.3
3 Christian Nishimura (19) 42:38.8
4 Drew Holloway (21) 42:40.6
5 Jessica Burkett (23) 42:41.3
6 Sandie Easton (48) 42:55.7
7 Jon Reiter (15) 43:41.8
8 Kai West (15) 43:42.1
9 Tim Watts (31) 43:46.5
10 Nicholas Poehler (27) 44:06.2

While 48-year-old Sandie Easton of Honolulu placed 6th overall out of 404 finishers, she was not the only one who gave an impressive performance considering their chronological age:

* 82-year-old Lori Auhll finished 380th in 1:25:13.3
* 82-year-old Gene Grounds finished 295th in 1:12:21.2
* 78-year-old Lucky Cole finished 342nd in 1:18:23.7
* 75-year-old Jane Kirton finished 337th in 1:17:37.7
* 74-year-old Carl Kawauchi finished 170th in 1:00:59.4
* 73-year-old Ulrich Klinke finished 150th in 59:37.0
* 71-year-old Stote Farnham finished 180th in 1:01:42.3

For more information on the North Shore Swim Series, visit here. For the complete results, visit here.

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