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Ibiza Swim And Bazaruto Swim By Madswimmer

Courtesy of Madswimmer, Ibiza and Bazaruto.

Jean Craven, Ram Barkai, Michiel Le Roux, Samantha Whelpton, Werner Whelpton, Robert Dunford, Kobie Odendaal, Darren Madgwick, Trevor Lundt, Willem Oosthuizen, Nicollette Du Plessis, Karen Graaf, Emma Gough, Anushka Wohlberg, Francois du Toit, Garth Greubel, Cherisse VD Berg, and Manie and Nicky Wessels participated in the Madswimmer charity swim in Bazaruto Challenge, a four-day, 34 km swim along the length of Bazaruto Island in Mozambique from north to south.

For more information of these charity swims, visit here.

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