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Gregorio Paltrinieri Wins World University Games Gold

Courtesy of WOWSA, New Taipei City Breeze Canal, Taiwan.

Reigning Olympic 1500m champion Gregorio Paltrinieri recently said, “I’ve achieved extraordinary results in my life, but I don’t stop dreaming.”

With the Italian’s re-entry into the open water swimming world, he is doing what he says.

This morning in Taipei, he convincingly won the 2017 World University Games (Summer Universiade) in the New Taipei City Breeze Canal.

It seems inevitable that Paltrinieri will continue to dream and push what may be possible both in the pool and open water.

Will he go for a double gold in the 1500m and 10 km marathon swim at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games – especially where the water will be flat and calm and warm at the Odaiba Marine Park in Tokyo Bay? With another gold in his hand, it seems so.

1 Gregorio Paltrinieri (Italy) 1:54:52.4
2 Soeren Detlef Meissner (Germany) 1:55:01.5
3 Krzysztof Pawel Pielowski (Poland) 1:55:19.6
4 Allan Do Carmo (Brazil) 1:55:24.2
5 Kirill Belyaev (Russia) 1:57:06.8
6 Vitaliy Khudyakov (Kazakhstan) 1:57:13.6
7 Victor Hugo Ribeiro Colonese (Brazil) 1:57:15.2
8 Taiki Nonaka (Japan) 1:57:20.3
9 Roman Kozhevnikov (Russia) 1:57:21.9
10 Pepijn Maxime Smits (Netherlands) 1:58:21.2
11 Márk Papp (Hungary) 2:00:25.4
12 Cheng Chi Cho (Chinese Taipei) 2:00:25.5
13 Matej Kozubek (Czech Republic) 2:01:49.5
14 Yosuke Aoki (Japan) 2:01:50.0
15 Vit Ingeduld (Czech Republic) 2:01:54.0
16 Shahar Resman (Israel) 2:05:37.5
17 Kenessary Kenenbayev (Kazakhstan) 2:12:15.6
18 Cristofer Danie Lanuza Segura (Costa Rica) 2:16:34.9
OTL Aleem Stephon Mohammed (Trinidad and Tobago)
DNF Andrea Manzi (Italy)
DNF Alin Alexandru Artimon (Romania)
DNS Oliver Campbell Signorini (Australia)
DNS Kai Graeme Edwards (Australia)
DNS Philippe Guertin
DNS Eric Hedlin
DNS Tobias Patrick Robinson (Great Britain)
DNS Musallam Abdullah Al Khadhuri (Oman)

Water temperature was officially announced at 30°C at 5 am, an hour before the start of the 10 km race.

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