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Giorgio Alessi Strokes, Spins, Steps To Uberman Fame

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Nine people have signed up to challenge the Uberman record of Giorgio Alessi beginning this October 10th.

The Uberman is marketed as the ultra triathlon odyssey for up to 12 self-supported athletes. Daniel Bercu, the event’s founder, explains, “The majority of the race offers no cellular, wifi, or GPS coverage. You are responsible for your own safety. You are expected to complete the route under your own power. There will be no assistance provided. Each swimmer is required to provide their own boat and kayaker. This is not an organized or sanctioned event.”

But it most certainly is a massively difficult event.

In the inaugural race in 2016, Alessi took 17 hours 2 minutes to swim an unsanctioned 20.2-mile Catalina Channel course (with a wetsuit), then took 96 hours 10 minutes to bike 400 miles from the Catalina Channel finish through Death Valley in the Southern California desert, then took 77 hours 37 minutes to run 135 miles from Death Valley to the the 8,000-foot level of Mount Whitney for an overall time of 190 hours 49 minutes (almost 8 days including sleep and rests).

For more information, visit here or email Bercu at

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