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Evgenij Pop Acev Turns Tables On Damián Blaum

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Evgenij Pop Acev of Macedonia pulled away from defending champion Damián Blaum of Argentina at the end to win Maratona Del Golfo Capri-Napoli.

Last year, Blaum out-sprinted Pop Acev at the end to win the 36 km sea swim by 3 seconds, but this year, Pop Acev turned the tables and won by a larger margin of 15 seconds.

Final Results:
1 Evgenij Pop Acev, Macedonia 6:17:04
2 Damián Blaum, Argentina 6:17:19
3 Bertrand Venturi, Italy 6:25:49
4 Marcel Schouten, Netherlands 6:28:22
5 Matheus Evangelista, Brazil 6:28:54
6 Edoardo Stochino, Italy 6:29:26
7 Tomi Stefanovski, Macedonia 6:31:16
8 Gabriele Mento, Italy 6:46:15
9 Aleksandar Ilievski, Macedonia 6:52:46
10 Mohammad Saleh, Syria 6:57:47
11 Aquiles Balaudo, Argentina 7:11:02
12 Simon Pistor, Germany 7:16:53
OTL Fernando Ciaramella, Argentina
DNF Simone Ercoli, Italy
DNF Francesco Bianchi, Italy
DNF Daira Marin, Argentina

Women’s results are posted here.

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