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Diana Nyad Shifts From Water To Dryland On EverWalk

Courtesy of Team EverWalk, Huntington Beach, California.

Over the last several years, Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll spent countless days and innumerable hours training and planning for Nyad’s solo swim from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida.

After they accomplished the goal, their abundance of energy led them to plan another endurance event.

Over the next five years, EverWalk co-founders Nyad and Stoll will lead Americans on long-distance walks from city to city.

We want Americans of all ages to come walk with us – 5K, 10 or 20 miles, a weekend, or the whole way from Los Angeles to San Diego on our EverWalk between October 23rd-29th,” writes Nyad who knows a vast greater number of Americans would more likely turn to walking than swimming for their preferred form of fitness.

EverWalk is a chance for [Americans] to get on a path to a lifetime of health and wellness. [Participants] will be an example for their family, friends – inspiring them to change their habits and make walking a daily part of their life.”

Their next EverWalk is between Los Angeles and San Diego. The 145-mile course is expected to take 7 days.

Each day, Epic Walkers will enjoy the lunch stop, then continue to the end of the route to the Closing Rally. After the Closing Rally each evening, there will be Campfire Stories with Nyad, Stoll, and their special guests. During Campfire Stories, the EverWalk community will share tales from the day’s journey and from their life experiences. Epic Walkers have the option of taking a bus to a hotel with an EverWalk discounted room block or back to the starting point of the day’s route.

Participants can register for the EverWalk here for US$395 as a Student, First Legger, Last Legger, Half Tripper, Day Tripper, Epic Walker, Epic Relayer or Virtual Walker.

Nyad, a competitive swimmer in her youth and prolific marathon swimmer in her 20s, is now a dedicated walker and dryland enthusiast. She advises, “Walk every day.

We know that many people don’t have time to go on long walks on a daily basis. You can begin making small changes to include more walking in your daily routine, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to the store instead of driving or going a few more blocks when you walk the dog. Make training part of your weekly routine.”

Registered EverWalk participants receive a training plan and training tips from Nyad and Stoll.

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