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Canadians Cruise In Cayman

Stephanie Horner, photo courtesy of Kevin Light.
Information courtesy of Nathan White of Swimming Canada

At this weekend’s Flowers Sea Swim in the Cayman Islands, the emerging Canadian team was busy, competing in both the elite divisions of the Flowers Sea Swim one-mile race and all the available distances at the concurrently held UANA Open Water Swimming Championships along Seven Mile Beach.

Canadians Alex Katelnikoff and Chantal Jeffrey swept gold in the junior 2.5 km race, while Stephanie Horner and Nicholas Masse-Savard both won the senior 5 km race.

The race felt really nice; the water was flat,” said Katelnikoff who led with teammate Raben Dommann for the entire race. “Raben and I switched off leading throughout the race. We made a move halfway through the first lap, trying to put pressure on the rest of the group.”

Masse-Savard similarly bolted into the lead and held his position for his entire 5 km, but had to out-sprint Peru’s Piera Nascimento by less than 2 seconds at the finish to win. Jeffrey touched out Peruvian Fanny Sanchez by 0.2 seconds in the junior women’s 2.5 km in another close finish.

Three-time Canadian Olympian Horner and Breanne Siwicki, preparing for next month’s FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary, finished first and third respectively in the senior women’s 5 km race.

We’re delighted that we raced in four races and come away with four golds. We had numerous strategies that we wanted to work on, and I’m exceptionally pleased that everyone racing had listened to the things they had been taught and tried out new ways of racing. Everything I saw today was a really good learning experience for our team,” observed Mark Perry, Swimming Canada Open Water/Distance Coach.

The highlight for many participants at the four-day event in the Cayman Islands was the 25th annual Flowers Sea Swim where Horner and Masse-Savard both finished third.

Others enjoyed the Olympians Luncheon where Olympics swimmers Ian Crocker, Roland Schoeman, Jordan Wilimovsky, Megan Jendrick, Allison Schmitt, and Jessica Long as well as Penny Palfrey, Ashley Twichell [shown above] and Chip Peterson enjoyed the pre-race festivities.

UANA Men’s Senior 5 km Results
1. Nicholas Masse-Savard (CAN) 1:00:47.48

2. Piero Fabrizio Canduelas Nascimento (PER) 1:00:49.25

3. Rodrigo Alejandro Ramirez Montes (PER) 1:02:11.13

4. Édouard Bélanger (CAN) 1:05:30.78

UANA Men’s Master 2.5 km / Junior 2.5 km Results
1. Alex Katelnikoff (CAN) 29:49.78

2. Raben Dommann (CAN) 29:58.62
3. Alonso Serida Matsumoto (PER) 30:12.95
4. Rafael Nicolas Ponce De Leon Castilla (PER) 30:55.61

5. John Bodden (CAY) 32:33.284
6. Alex Dakers (CAY) 32:34.88
7. Liam Henry (CAY) 35:23.09
8. Jake Bailey (CAY) 35:59.77
9. Marius Acker (CAY) UANA Master 41:11.08

10. Michael Lockwood (CAY) UANA Master 44:47.71

UANA Woman’s Senior 5 km Results
1. Stephanie Horner (CAN) 1:02:13.84
2. Maria Alejandra Bramont-Ariss (PER) 1:02:14.39

3. Breanne Siwicki (CAN) 1:02:19.02
4. Lauren Teghtsoonian (CAN) 1:04:20.41

5. Sabryna Lavoie (CAN) 1:04:23.31

UANA Women’s 2.5 km / Junior 2.5 km Results
1. Chantal Jeffrey (CAN) 32:37.21
2. Fanny Gabriela Ccollcca Sanchez (PER) 32:37.41

3. Marianne Rheaume (CAN) 32:39.17

4. Marit Anderson (CAN) 32:39.52

5. Julia Nina (BRA) 34:08.60
6. Cristina Alejandra Berrospi Olivari (PER) 34:52.26

7. Elana Sinclair (CAY) 34:52.82

8. Ria Plunkett (CAY) 35:49.98

9. Samantha Bailey (CAY) 36:18.32
10. Jasmine Lambert-Wragg (CAY) 40:06.63

11. Jill Zadny (USA) UANA Master 52:57.52

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