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Cameron Bellamy To Swim 96 km Around Barbados

Courtesy of Kristina Evelyn, Barbados, Caribbean Sea.

Cameron Bellamy just can’t stop.

After achieving the Oceans Seven in June 2018, it wasn’t long before he started to plan for a Swim Around Barbados, a 96 km circumnavigation attempt that three people have attempted but have not finished.

Kristina Evelyn of the Barbados Open Water Festival says, “Cameron is generating huge interest among open water swimmers and the community in general here in Barbados. Three people – two were at same time – have attempted this over many years and with no success.

[There is a local] disbelief that anyone would try to swim along the east and north coasts that face the Atlantic Ocean, due to the strong and unpredictable currents along that side of the island. Countless Barbadians consider these coasts to be non-swimmable. Local open water swimmers generally swim along the south or west coasts where there are ideal open water swimming conditions.”

Bellamy expects the swim to take 36 hours or more and has been training from 8 hours to 16 hours almost daily with a 24-hour training swim before he departs.

His swim will benefit the Ubunye Challenge, a charity he founded in 2011, that makes significant contributions to early childhood education in poverty stricken regions of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Evelyn touts the aquatic Renaissance Man, “He has two Guinness World Records, can converse in Mandarin, has rowed the Indian Ocean, founded a highly successful charity before 30, swam the Oceans Seven and who is the CEO of a cyber security firm in San Francisco.

Fans and friends can follow circumnavigation swim updates and live tracking at #SwimAroundBarbados.

For more information on swimming in Barbados, visit here.

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