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Bodysuits & Boots: Early Swimsuits For Women

Courtesy of Marilyn Morgan, Consuming Cultures.

Marilyn Morgan writes a fascinating, comprehensive article about women’s swimwear from the early 20th century in her historical blog Consuming Cultures.

In Consuming Cultures, Morgan addresses and presents unique perspectives of the common ties between the history of swimming and swimwear with the history of food and gender in America.

Read on here.

Page on left is from Newcomb Endicott & Co. spring catalog, circa 1902. Courtesy of Peggy from Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions.

In light of the upcoming Congress at the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame ceremonies in Windsor, U.K. where Chairman Christopher Guesdon will initiate discussions about the type, design and fabrics acceptable to the sport of marathon swimming (outside of FINA and national governing bodies), this article presents early versions of acceptable swimwear over 100 years ago.

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