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Avishag Turek Is Getting Warmed Up

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Avishag Turek became the first Israeli woman to complete a crossing of the English Channel on August 1st 2017.*

Coached by Ori Sela, she completed her 13 hour 35 minute crossing with Peter Reed as her escort pilot and Andy Pope as her observer.

It has been quite a run-up to the French shore for Turek.

In 2014, she completed an 8 hours 22 minute tandem lengthwise crossing of the Sea of Galilee in Israel together with Theodore Yach. In 2015, she completed a 42 km in the Mediterranean Sea for her 40th birthday in 16 hours. She then participated in the unprecedented 17 km Dead Sea Swim between Jordan and Israel across the Dead Sea [see below].

Earlier this year, she completed her sixth career lengthwise crossing of the Kinneret, a 21 km south-to-north crossing of the Sea of Galilee in 6 hours 15 minutes in June in a tandem swim with Guy Cohen.

And with more plans for additional channel swims globally, she is just getting warmed up.

* The first Israeli man to cross the English Channel was Professor Eitan Friedman who crossed in 1993.

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