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Aussies Beat All-Stars And All-Comers…Again

The Aussies won the Maui Channel Swim for the fifth straight time by tackling the inter-island course between Lanai and Maui in a non-traditional way. From all accounts, the inter-island race from Lanai to Kaanapali, Maui is 9.6 miles of hard swimming.

While Peter Thiel captained the Tattersalls Australian Masters team to its fifth straight win in 3 hours 32 minutes, he let the legendary Randy Kinores select the route in order to hold off the American All-Stars of the RCP Tiburon Milers.

Peter described Randy to Lehia Apana of the Maui News as an absolute legend. With his knowledge of the local waters, Randy directe the strong Australian to its fifth straight victory by heading south.

The RCP Tiburon Milers who were recruited by Bob Placak finished second for the second straight year in 3:35:42. Bob tipped his hat to his rivals, “[Tattersalls] put together a great group of men.”

On the women’s side, RCP won the women’s race in 4:17:34 while Aussie Ticker Reserve was the mixed champion in 4:20:20. Karen Schmidt won the solo swim in 4:29:30, beating all the men.

Information obtained by Lehia Apana of the Maui News.

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