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Openwaterpedia Is For Everyone In The Open Water Community

After 3 months of launch, nearly 5,000 postings have been added to Openwaterpedia.

The online reference and research tool for the open water swimming community has entries posted in English, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew and Japanese. Any language can be inputted, as well as photos, videos and hyperlinks.

Anyone can enter or amend information in Openwaterpedia. It is great for research, reference and enhancing one’s knowledge and appreciation of the sport, but there are many, many thousands of more entries that are waiting to be inputted:

• 1,288 individuals posted in the PEOPLE section

• 326 words and phrases posted in the TERMS section

• 656 locations posted in the PLACES section

• 471 things posted in the PRODUCTS section

• 24 pilots posted in the PILOTS section

• 46 services posted in the SERVICES section

• 45 coaches posted in the COACHES section

• 524 records posted in the RECORDS section

• 1,796 races posted in the EVENTS section

• 182 groups posted in the GROUPS/SITES section

• 1 event posted in the TRIATHLON SWIM LEGS section

Please feel free to join the Openwaterpedia community and start adding, editing or entering people, places, products, things, pilots, events or coaches who you think should be included in the Openwaterpedia online resource tool.

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