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Aleksandr Stepanov, Ivan Morgun Go 1-2 At World Juniors

Courtesy of FINA, Eilat, Red Sea, Israel.

The biggest delegations at the 2018 FINA Open Water World Junior Swimming Championships in the Red Sea are are: Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Russia, and the USA, each with 12 swimmers.

Today’s opening races at the 2018 FINA Open Water World Junior Swimming Championships were the boys and girls 5 km race in the Red Sea that were held in 27.3°C water and 31°C air temperature.

29 boys ages 14-15 followed in the wake of two Russians, Aleksandr Stepanov and Ivan Morgun. The pair took the lead and ended up going 1-2 in 58:53.8 and 58:53.5 with David Bethlehem of Hungary third in 58:56.5. Native son Orr Horev Levy of host Israel narrowly missed the podium finishing fourth in 59:01.4.

5 km Boys 14-15 Results
1. Aleksandr Stepanov (RUS)58:53.8
2. Ivan Morgun (RUS) 58:55.5
3. David Betlehem (HUN) 58:56.5
4. Orr Horev Levy (ISR) 59:01.4
5. Frederick Alexander Axon (CAN) 59:04.9
6. Krzysztof Chmielewski (POL) 59:06.4
7. Luigi Galdieri (ITA) 59:08.8
8. Jackson Carlile (USA) 59:09.4
9. Zalan Sarkany (HUN) 59:09.9
10. Leo Ouadesselam (FRA) 59:15.0
11. Federico Mazzeo (ITA) 59:16.5
12. Pablo Cabana del Amo (ESP) 59:18.3
13. Matias Cordero Corral (ECU) 59:20.1
14. Kuu Motoyama (JPN) 59:20.3
15. Connor Hunt (USA) 59:22.5
16. Bernardo Marini Gavioli (BRA) 59:27.4
17. Ian Friesen (CAN) 59:37.5
18. Maximo Concetti (ARG) 59:39.1
19. Sergey Prissyazhnyuk (KAZ) 59:42.1
20. Luis Felipe Loureiro (BRA) 59:54.5
21. Enzo Teule (FRA) 59:55.8
22. Philippus C van der Spuy (RSA) 59:59.5
23. Haonan Xu (CHN) 1:00:30.8
24. Damien Emile Payet (SEY) 1:00:31.1
25. Tianlong Liu (CHN) 1:01:17.1
26. Connor Robert Buck (RSA) 1:01:25.0
27. Danner Suarez Jordan (ECU) 1:04:55.1
28. Vladislav Gluknov (KAZ) 1:04:56.8
29. Mandar Maruti Desurkar (IND) 1:05:10.0
30. Shane Lional (IND) 1:05:11.5
31. Andrej Stojanovski (MKD) 1:06:24.5

The Championships is live streamed in a test manner that will be similarly broadcast at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

FINA will broadcast the 2018 FINA Open Water World Junior Swimming Championships that begins tomorrow in Eilat, Israel where over 200 athletes between 14 and 19 years old from 38 countries representing all five continents will race in the Red Sea beginning today.

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