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A Bloody Nice Swim From Manhattan To Santa Monica

A Bloody Nice Swim From Manhattan To Santa Monica

Sponsored by KAATSU Global, Huntington Beach, California.

From up close or at a distance, the Distance Swim Challenge from Manhattan Beach to Santa Monica Beach in California was an excellent event.

From the Australian brotherly duo of Trent and Codie Grimsey who went 1-2 to 41-year-old local legend Alex Kostich (shown below in the last photograph), the swim had a cast of colorful individuals who showed plenty of character in the Pacific Ocean.

The 12.6-mile competition, with its 8 different stages along the California coast, was unique and enjoyable under nearly perfect conditions – relatively small surf, slight winds and pods and pods of dolphin swimming gently among the swimmers.

Results of the 12.6-mile race:
1. Trent Grimsey (AUS) 4:24:30
2. Codie Grimsey (AUS) 4:31:49
3. Alex Kostich (USA) 4:33:29
4. Mark Warkentin (USA) 4:51:35
5. Max Halson (USA) 5:04:33
6. Amy Dantzler (USA) 5:35:54
7. Wadley (USA) 5:54:08
8. Michael Dean (USA) 6:00:08
9. Forrest Nelson (USA) 6:15:12
10. Brendan Capell (AUS) 6:23:41
11. Alan Morelli (USA) 6:23:41
12. Kent Nicholas (USA) 6:33:35
13. David Neilan (USA) 6:49:51
14. Pankaj Gauchan (USA) 8:07:09
15. Monica Bender (USA) 8:18:38
16. Daniel Fung (USA) 8:23:14

But the solo marathon swimmers were not the only ones who enjoyed and shined in the Southern Californian sunshine.

Relays from all over took up the challenge, including the Little Mermaids, a group of outgoing open water swimming women from Manhattan Beach including Susie Miller, Anne Ozer, Amy Kramer, Jean O’Shaughnessy, Helen Herrick, Alisha Auringer, Heather George and Tina Steck (shown left to right).

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