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廈金海峽橫渡 7 km From China To Taiwan

Courtesy of Cai Jiayu (蔡家蓁) and 快點TV, Taiwan Strait, China to Taiwan.

The 9th Xiajin Strait Crossing (廈金海峽橫渡) was held on August 28th. Nearly 200 swimmers started from the Coconut Wind Village Lifesaving Command Center in Xiamen, China and finished in Shuangkou Village, Xiaojinmen on Taiwan, swimming 7 km in the Taiwan Strait.

The cross-border swim from China to Taiwan saw 200 duo teams primarily from mainland China and Taiwan.

The men’s relay of Zhuo Chengqi (卓承) and Zhuo Peiqi (卓沛齊) from Taiwan won the men’s race in 1 hour 30 minutes 7 seconds to win 25,000 yuan (US$3,610). The Zhuo brothers also won the 2016 race.

The victorious women’s team was Zhu Jiaming (朱嘉銘) and Jia Yu (賈奕).

Each swimmer swims 3.5 km and makes their relay exchange from a floating pontoon in the middle of the strait.

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