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Yaroslav Pronin Dominates Winter World Championships

25m freestyle victory by Yaroslav Pronin

50m freestyle victory by Yaroslav Pronin

100m freestyle victory by Yaroslav Pronin

200m freestyle victory by Yaroslav Pronin

Videos courtesy of 11th Winter Swimming World Championships, Tallinn, Estonia.

Yaroslav Pronin from Belarus demonstrated his speed in the cold water by handily winning the 25m, 50m, 100m and 200m freestyle races and the 25m butterfly, and finished second in the 25m and 50m breaststroke, and sixth in the 100m breaststroke at the 11th Winter Swimming World Championships on March 6th-11th in Tallinn, Estonia.

Meanwhile, the old guard re-established themselves in the 450m endurance event. Led by perennial champion Christof Wandratsch of Germany, four women finished in the top 10 overall: Ines Hahn (2nd)), Julia Wittig (3rd)), Hanna Bakuniak (4th), and Victoria Mori (9th).

Wandratsch, as usual, was steady. His 50m split times in the 450m endurance race are below:

First 50m split 33.94 seconds
Next 50m split 35.88 seconds
Next 50m split 37.01 seconds
Next 50m split 38.02 seconds
Next 50m split 38.61 seconds
Next 50m split 38.98 seconds
Next 50m split 39.25 seconds
Next 50m split 39.12 seconds
Last 50m split 38.88 seconds

The technological advances of the race organization, led by Estonian host Henri Kaarma was remarkable. Each athlete had their split times and official finish time certificate posted online, and a video of their finish for each race posted on YouTube (see Ines Hahn’s 450m finish results and video here).

25m Freestyle Top Results:
1. Yaroslav Pronin (BLR) 11.26
2. Aleksey Stepanov (RUS) 11.68
3. Christoph Karow (AUS) 12.13
4. Tobias Wybierek (GER) 12.17
5. Andrey Goriainov (RUS) 12.25
6. Armin Evert Lelle (EST) 12.44
7. Michal Jagiello (POL) 12.58
8. Ilya Larionov (RUS) 12.59
9. Alder Harkmann (EST) 12.63
10. Daniel Pälling (EST) 12.79
51. Daria Isichenko (RUS) 14.22 [first female]

50m Freestyle Top Results:
1. Yaroslav Pronin (BLR) 25.07
2. Aleksey Stepanov (RUS) 25.46
3. Tobias Wybierek (GER) 26.34
4. Andrey Goriainov (RUS) 26.55
5. Christoph Karow (AUS) 26.76
6. Vladislav Latyshev (BLR) 27.12
7. Ilya Larionov (RUS) 27.46
8. Armin Evert Lelle (EST) 27.52
9. Alder Harkmann (EST) 27.59
10. Daniel Pälling (EST) 27.68
39. Alexandra Degtyareva (BLR) 30.52 [first female]

100m Freestyle Top Results:
1. Yaroslav Pronin (BLR) 54.38
2. Aleksey Stepanov (RUS) 56.70
3. Tobias Wybierek (GER) 58.69
4. Vladislav Latyshev (BLR) 59.69
5. Pavel Baynov (RUS) 1:01.40
6. Andrey Goriainov (RUS) 1:01.68
7. Bruno Nopponen (EST) 1:02.27
8. Henri Kaarma (EST) 1:02.68
9. Rauno Pärg (EST) 1:02.79
10. Alder Harkmannn (EST) 1:03.48
16. Hanna Bakuniak (POL) 1:05.90 [first female]

200m Freestyle Top 10 Results:
1. Yaroslav Pronin (BLR) 2:06.07
2. Andrey Goriainov (RUS) 2:11.32
3. Henri Kaarma (EST) 2:12.47
4. Benjamin Sanson (FRA) 2:14.85
5. Marek Rother (POL) 2:16.91
6. Tobias Wybierek (GER) 2:17.32
7. Christof Wandratsch (GER) 2:18.45
8. Bruno Nopponen (EST) 2:19.94
9. Pavel Baynov (RUS) 2:21.38
10. Julia Wittig (GER) 2:23.08 [first female]

450m Freestyle Top 10 Results:
1. Christof Wandratsch (GER) 5:39.73
2. Ines Hahn (GER) 5:40.57 [first female]
3. Julia Wittig (GER) 5:42.62 [second female]
4. Hanna Bakuniak (POL) 5:50.60 [third female]
5. Henri Kaarma (EST) 5:51.86
6. Pavel Baynov (RUS) 5:53.46
7. Mario Fernández Gorgojo (ESP) 6:04.91
8. Rory Fitzgerald (UK) 6:12.64
9. Victoria Mori (ARG) 6:19.19 [fourth female]
10. Michal Slanina (CZE) 6:23.50

For more information, additional results and more videos, visit here.

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