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World University Games Course Unveiled

The course of the World University Games was unveiled.

The expected water temperatures are 86 – 88°F (30 – 31°C) with expected air temperatures hovering between 88 – 91°F (31 – 32.7°C).

This combination of air and water temperatures are extremely high for elite athletes swimming at world-class pace for 2 hours, but they fall within the acceptable FINA guidelines and are on the borderline for USA Swimming’s new combined maximum temperatures.

USA Swimming’s currently proposed maximum combined air and water temperatures is 63° C (177.4° F). That is, open water swims cannot be held or must be postponed when a combination of air and water temperatures exceed 63° C (177.4° F). In Shenzhen at the World University Games, the combination of a 88°F (31°C) air and water temperature (or 176°F or 62°C) would be right on the borderline of acceptability.

Which certainly does not mean that the athletes are comfortable – and that all staff, officials and coaches must be alert to any potential problems with their athletes in the water.

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