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What Is The Personality Of An Open Water Swimmer?

The World Open Water Swimming Association presents the Personalities of Open Water Swimmer.  It is a Facebook quiz here.

The sport of open water swimming attracts people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and cultures.

Perhaps because the sport holds its competitions in oceans, lakes, rivers, bays, canals, channels, and reservoirs, each with its own characteristics and conditions, open water swimmers are most definitely not one size fits all.

Swimmers come in different sizes and shapes and span the range of personalities. Some swimmers are bubbly and fun-loving; others are serious and academic; others are carefree and spontaneous; while some prefer to be introverted or extroverted depending on the situation.

Which general personality characterizes you?  Take this quick test to find out.

There are four final possibilities in this game:

1. Bubbly and fun-loving – You love life, especially open water swimming and your open water swimming friends. You absolutely enjoy the allure of the open water, but also most other challenges, people and encounters in your life. You have a smile on your face before, during and after your open water swims and are always open to heading to new shores with both close and new friends.

2. Introvert-extrovert hybrid – You are very serious about your sport, but you also like to have a lot of fun doing it. You enjoy training with other similarly focused teammates, but the laughter, jokes and smiles are also equally important. You always monitor your workout times, training distances and intervals, but you enjoy a good meal and engaging conversation with friends even more.

3. Serious and academic – You appreciate success and respect the planning and hard work that leads to it. You enjoy the technical aspects of open water swimming, especially preparing the logistical, operational and navigational aspects of your swims. You can analyze your talents and strengths well, and are motivated to correct your weaknesses.

4. Carefree and spontaneous – You take life as it comes as well as the dynamic nature of the marine environment. You enjoy going to new locations and swimming in different kinds of conditions and with anyone who is willing to join you. You appreciate all kinds of situations and people, and can adapt well to circumstances both in and out of the water.

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