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What A Great Idea

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Bill serves as a water polo referee in California. When he referees age group games and high school tournaments, he clamps on a GoPro to the visor of his cap and films the games he officiates.

I can review my calls when I get home and see how I [well] I refereed.” It is a great way to self-analyze and improve as a referee.

This use of a GoPro is a great idea for open water swimming officials to implement.

Clamp a GoPro on their hats and they can provide unique perspectives for athletes, coaches and other officials from the referee’s boat.

Imagine if a referee were able to capture the moment of physicality or impeding during a race? Not only can that infraction be used as a teaching tool for other referees, but also to document the infraction and educate swimmers and coaches about why yellow cards and red cards are called during a race.

Imagine if a referee were able to film the entire race without interrupting his duties? During open water races, it is always impossible for parents, coaches, teammates and fans to watch the race from the same perspective as a referee on the lead officials boat. But a referee has the perfect vantage point to watch a race. The referee can upload his GoPro video for others to enjoy, study and analyze.

Imagine if there is a protest filed by a coach or national federation after a red card is called? The referee would have indisputable proof of the infraction.

Imagine a debate rages on about the final placing of the athletes? A video from the referee in a unique position may provide ample evidence of how the athletes rightly placed.

There are so many advantages and benefits of filming from the perspective of the referee – and so easy to implement now with gadgets like the easy-to-use GoPro.

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