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Water Is Medicine At The 8th Annual Blue Mind Summit

Courtesy of Wallace J Nichols, Ph.D., M.E.M., Miami, Florida.

The theme of the 8th Annual Blue Mind Summit is Water is Medicine and will be held in Miami, Florida on October 4th.

As Blue Mind founder Wallace J Nichols, Ph.D., M.E.M. explains, “We’re just like you, we love to be near, in, on, or under water. Lakes, rivers, ponds, oceans, pools, and tubs.

It’s been a defining force throughout our lives. And we pay very close attention to how other people think, feel, talk, and act towards water. What we notice is truly amazing. World-changing. Revolutionary, even.

When we went looking for a book, a conference, a conversation, or film focused on the full, true value of healthy waters we found that spot on the shelf quite surprisingly empty.

So, now our job is to fill it that gap, connect the dots, and build the bridges. By tirelessly writing books, articles, organizing summits and workshops, teaching, researching, giving talks, communicating with press, and contributing to films that help people live better on – and take better care of – this water planet.

Why? Because water is medicine for everyone, especially those who need it most. And we want that to be common knowledge.

The old story of water is out of date, has served us poorly, and has resulted in a global undervaluing of healthy waters and oceans. We need a new water story.

People ask, “who do you work for?” The simple answer is: water. Water is our client.

We work with organizations, businesses, agencies, movements, and individuals to tell the new story of water. You could say that we are growing, widening, and deepening the Blue Mind movement on a daily basis.

We’re very fortunate to collaborate with a wildly talented and creative team of neuroscientists, psychologists, artists, teachers, and watermen and women with diverse skills. So our approach is interdisciplinary and our reach is global.”

The 8th Annual Blue Mind Summit will feature leading researchers and practitioners who are bridging science, ancient wisdom, and real world solutions to examine water as medicine.

Participants will learn about work about how both virtual and real water is changing healthcare, schools, and the workplace, including physicians who prescribe “blue mind” to those who need it most.

Pioneers who use surfing, scuba, paddling, swimming, floating, and boating as therapy will share their experiences and knowledge.

Blue Minded films will be featured that highlight the new story of water in support of this year’s water is medicine theme.

For more information, visit here. To register for the summit, visit here.

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