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Typhoon Postpones Boguslaw Ogrodnik In Tsugaru Channel

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Boguslaw Ogrodnik knows how weather can affect an endurance event.

The Polish swimmer, lawyer and mountaineer from Wrocław is a member of the Peak and Pond Challenge, an exclusive club of adventurers who have successfully summitted Mount Everest and also swam across the English Channel.

Ogrodnik dealt with weather in the English Channel in a 20 hour 33 minute crossing.

He has also faced insurmountable currents in a DNF attempt across the Molokai Channel in Hawaii.

His Tsugaru Channel crossing in northern Japan was postponed today due to an incoming typhoon that has made any attempt impossible. He will wait for his attempt in the anticipated calm after the storm.

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