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Two Triumphant Tandem For Triple

Courtesy of WOWSA, Manhattan Island, New York.

57-year-old Kamil Resa Alsaran and 54-year-old Ragip Vural Tandoğan, both from Istanbul, Turkey, completed the 20 Bridges Manhattan Island Swim together in a tandem swim, finishing 12th in 10 hours 15 minutes.

Tandogan did an English Channel crossing in 2016 while Alsaran completed two English Channel crossings (13 hours 19 minutes in 2012 and 18 hours 1 minute in 2015). But then they started to team up and completed a Catalina Channel tandem crossing in 2017 in 13 hours 1 minutes and another Strait of Gibraltar tandem crossing from Spain to Morocco in 5 hours 10 minutes. Their third tandem swim was 45.9 km around Manhattan Island where they both completed the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming.

The two swimmers have been honored domestically by the Türkiye Milli Olimpiyat Komitesi’nin and explained their goal for their Triple Crown swims.

In order to attract attention to organ donors and to support patients who are waiting for organ transplants, we [take on these swims].”

20 Bridges June 30th Results
1. Nathalie Pohl (24, Marburg, Germany) 8:12:39
2. Ned Wieland (16, Sydney, Australia) 8:21:51
3. Luca Pozzi (33, San Francisco, California) 8:21:57
4. Samuel Vidal Fernandez (37, Alicante, Spain) 8:48:27
5. Rene Martínez Saenz (37, Mexico City) 8:59:36
6. Jenny Smith (44, Chattanooga, Tennessee) 8:52:32
7. Peter Dolnik (52, Slovakia) 9:17:49
8. Melissa Kegler (36, Redmond, Washington) 9:24:17
9. Peter Lofquist (56, Mesa, Arizona) 9:40:07
10. Ingrid Bon (48, Boca Raton, Florida) 9:50:22
11. Kate Robarts (57, Newquay Cornwall, UK) 10:09:56
12. Kamil Resa Alsaran (57, Istanbul, Turkey) 10:15:45
12. Ragip Vural Tandoğan (54, Istanbul, Turkey) 10:15:45
14. Pat Gallant-Charette (67, Westbrook, Maine) 10:53:27
DNF Zoe Sadler (45, Bramley, Tadley Hampshire, UK) aborted at 6:21:53
DNF Dongho Choi (53, Princeton, New Jersey) aborted at 7:30:32

For more information on the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming, visit here.

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