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Travesia Claromecó Aguas Abiertas Clínica de Mar

Courtesy of Claromecó, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

A two-day open water swim clinic will be held between March 16th – 17th in Claromecó, Buenos Aires, Argentina, organized by coach Ramiro Saltapé (contact:

Saltapé describes the Travesia Claromecó Aguas Abiertas Clínica de Mar sea swimming clinic, “It is a unique experience for those who love swimming in open water, where they will understand the sport on a theoretical and practical basis about tides, channels, currents, with a focus on safety. We will discuss issues including tides, coastal landscapes, winds to increase your basic knowledge and safety to swim in the sea. We will swim parallel to the coast in a course outlined with buoys from 500 meters to 2 km, both with and against currents. We will also swim out to sea between 500 and 1500 meters.”

For more information, visit here.

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