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Touch And Go Across The English Channel

Courtesy of Kelvin Trautman, English Channel.

After generating much attention on the importance of protecting the world’s oceans and marine life, especially around Great Britain, during his unprecedented stage swim called The Long Swim, Lewis Pugh has been going non-stop on dryland.

Through his talks and explanations with politicians and government leaders to look towards the future, he has been making a significant impact.

It’s essential that politicians are fully aware of the gravity of the crisis facing our oceans,” says the United Nations Patron of the Oceans who was only able to sleep an average of 4 hours a day during his 560 km stage swim along the English Channel coast.

His stage swim was supported by the Channel Swimming Association where it culminated on Shakespeare Beach. “After 49 [consecutive] days, I was absolutely hammered.”

But his fatigue and inflammation has not stopped him, or even slowed him a bit. He will soon speak at the upcoming Labour and Conservative Party Conferences in the UK.

With the help of Channel Swimming Association observers Michael Jennings, Keith Oliver, Peter van Vooren, and Emma Rosen as well as Channel Swimming Association Secretary Susan Ractliffe and Channel Swimming Association President Michael Read, David Bush and escort pilot Stephen Praetorious were able to carefully and comprehensively document Pugh’s The Long Swim along the English Channel over 49 days and 560 km.

Day 46 to Day 49 | Dungeness to Dover:

Day 41 to Day 45 | Past Beachy Head to Dungeness:

Day 34 to Day 40 | Selsey Bill to Beachy Head:

Day 30 to Day 33 | Rounding the Isle of Wight:

Day 16 to Day 29 | Start Point to The Needles:

Day 7 to Day 15 | Lizard Point to Start Point:

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