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Tiki Swim Is California Cool

Courtesy of Lexie Kelly, Oceanside, California.

The Tiki Swim is one very cool, hip ocean swim in Southern California.

The Tiki Swim offers two different races. Both the 1.2- and 2.4-mile courses finish at the Oceanside Harbor and are part of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Harbor Days Festival.

Race director Brian Long combines all his experiences in the triathlon world and merges them with the ocean swimming community including providing the finishers with a classic TikiSwim8 beach towel, visor, handwoven lei, finisher medal, and a California breakfast burrito.

Top 10 1.2-mile Tiki Swim Results:
1. Ivan Kurakin 26:56
2. Kyle Brill 27:16
3. Jack Spitser 27:33
4. Heidi Reisert 29:28 [first female]
5. Alex Gilchrist 29:53
6. Nic Parrott 29:57
7. Joslyn Rothlein 30:17 [second female]
8. Lindsay Clark 30:23 [third female]
9. Emma Seward 31:01 [fourth female]
10. Ivan Montoya 31:05

Top 10 2.4-mile Tiki Swim Results:
1. David Steele 1:00:33
2. Jeff Walker 1:04:05
3. Jim Dauw 1:04:22
4. Geoff Hammond 1:04:42
5. Hubie Kerns 1:05:28
6. Gustavo Menezes 1:06:02
7. James Brady 1:07:34
8. David Kelsch 1:08:50
9. Paull Connolly 1:09:03
10. Paul Clark 1:09:05
11. Julie Moss 1:09:50 [first female]
15. Cecelia Dotzler 1:11:43 [second female]

Photo above shows three Newport Harbor High School swimmer Justin Boals, Nick Baljeu and Adam Faludi.

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