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The Water Conditions In Shanghai World Championships

Reporting from Shanghai.

The water conditions will not be easy for the open water swimmers in Jinshan City Beach.

The water temperatures may be near the upper reaches of the maximum temperature (31C) allowed by FINA if it is a cloudless, windless day.

On the other hand, a sea breeze reduces the water temperature making conditions more bearable for the elite athletes who will be swimming for Olympic berths. The stiff winds, of course, means the enclosed course kicks up a mean surface chop that will create the irritating type of rough water turbulence.

The course is entirely enclosed within a concrete breakwater. This leads to lumpy conditions when the winds come up.

But the assembled elite open water swimmers have faced the elements before and their only goal is to get to the finish line before their international competitors.

Congratulations to the victors and all those who push them to victory.

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