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The Unique Challenge Of Open Water Swimming

We think the physicality and mental fortitude required to swim in the oceans is an activity that taxes humans like no other for various reasons: Solitary Adversity, Physical Exposure, Absence of Perception, Survival Dependence, and Intensity of Experience.

Open water swimming, whether done by channel swimmers enduring the cold or triathletes in wetsuits, invites an opportunity. Our thoughts on why and how open water swimming is unique in the endurance sports and athletic world are posted here.

Open water swimming at any level creates opportunities to extend yourself mentally and physically further than you thought possible. The sport enables athletes to see how far one’s body and mind can be stretched to reach a specific goal – and then transfer that new confidence to activities on terra firma. After the obstacles are faced and overcome, the athlete emerges at the other end with a reinvigorated and rejuvenated feeling of accomplishment.

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